Device-only Plan Developer EditionSolution Package Plan Remote Action

Device-only Plan Developer Edition

What is Telepathy Jumper? What can I do and create with it?
Telepathy Jumper's Developer Edition is a device-only plan for software developers.

Developers can build wearable applications for Telepathy Jumper using Android environment.
You can download Unity SDK for free at our support website (

Solution Package Plan Remote Action

Remote Action is a remote support solution that includes Telepathy Jumper,
Optimal Second Sight by OPTiM Corporation, and other software applications.
Along with these applications, Telepathy Jumper improves productivity and precision.

Remote Action is a service that embodies "Remote Experience Sharing", a concept for
remotely sharing necessary knowledge and information with anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

You can give and receive operating instructions no matter where you are, which will
drastically improve work efficiency.
You can start using Remote Action right away without applications development.

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